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Hoofdstuk 1. 原道 Yuandao - Originating in the Way - Du 'Dao' originel

Onderwerp van dit hoofdstuk

Dao (道) - De Weg. The principle of universality: the Way as the origin of all things and the source of comprehensiveness.

Korte beschrijving hoofdstuk

Uit inleiding Major (2010): ...it provides the cosmological basis for the entire Huainanzi collection. It opens with a beautiful poetic rhapsody on the cosmology of the Way (dao 道) and its Potency (de ) in the tradition of the Laozi. In it we see a detailed examination of how these cosmic foundations are manifested in the world and an in-depth description of how sages are able to use their unique penetrating vision of these foundations, attained through self- cultivation, to bring peace and harmony to the realm.(p xx)

De samenvatting van hoofdstuk 21 is de volgende:

“Originating in the Way” [begins with] the six coordinates contracted and compressed and the myriad things chaotic and confused. [It then] diagrams the features of the Grand One and fathoms the depths of the Dark Unseen, thereby soaring beyond the frame of Empty Nothingness. By relying on the small, it embraces the great; by guarding the contracted, it orders the expansive.

It enables you to understand the bad or good fortune of taking the lead or following behind and the benefit or harm of taking action or remaining still.

If you sincerely comprehend its import, floodlike, you can achieve a grand vision. If you desire a single expression to awaken to it: “Revere the heavenly and preserve your genuineness.” If you desire a second expression to comprehend it: “Devalue things and honor your person.” If you desire a third expression to fathom it: “Externalize desires and return to your genuine dispositions.” If you grasp its main tenets, inwardly you will harmonize the Five Orbs and enrich the flesh and skin. If you adhere to its models and standards and partake of them to the end of your days, they will provide the means to respond and attend to the myriad aspects of the world and observe and accompany its manifold alterations, as if rolling a ball in the palm of your hand. Surely it will suffice to make you joyous! (Major 2010, p 850)

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partiele vertalingen: Lau & Ames 1998, Larre 1993 (Frans), Eva kraft 1957 (Duits)
partiele vertaling en woordanalyse: TLS-Thesaurus Linguae Sericae


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