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Hoofdstuk 2. 俶真 Chuzhen - Activating the Genuine - Du commencement du réel

Onderwerp van dit hoofdstuk

De (德) - Kracht. Cosmogonic principles of nondifferentiation, differentiation, division, transformation, and change

Korte beschrijving hoofdstuk

Uit inleiding Major (2010): ..The principal themes of this chapter are various aspects of Potency and its attainment. As such, they complement the principal themes in chapter 1, which explore the nature of the Way and how it operates in the world. These themes in chapter 2 are the nature of human perfection, its different categories, the methods to attain it, its role in rulership, the tendency of human beings and human societies to fall away from it, and how attaining it relates to fate. Chapter 2, however, may be best known for its extended analysis of explicit stages of cosmogony

De samenvatting van hoofdstuk 21 is de volgende:

“Activating the Genuine” exhaustively traces the transformation [of things] from their ends to their beginnings; infuses and fills the essence of Something and Nothing; distinguishes and differentiates the alterations of the myriad things; unifies and equates the forms of death and life.

It enables you to know to disregard things and return to the self; investigate the distinctions between Humaneness and Rightness; comprehend the patterns of identity and difference; observe the guiding thread of Utmost Potency; and know the binding cords of alterations and transformations. Its explanations tally with the core of the Profound Mystery and comprehend the mother of creation and transformation.

Literatuur bij dit hoofdstuk

partiele vertalingen: Eva Kraft 1957 (Duits)