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Hoofdstuk 6. 覽冥 Lanming - Surveying Obscurities - De l'examen des choses obscures

Onderwerp van dit hoofdstuk

Ganying (感應) - Resonantie. Het principe van resonantie dat aarde en hemel verbindt en andere natuurlijke fenomenen.

Korte beschrijving hoofdstuk

Uit de inleiding Major 2010: The first five chapters of this book established the characteristics of the Way and its primacy in cosmogony and in the cosmological realms of Heaven, Earth, and Time. In chapter 6, “Surveying Obscurities,” the Huainan masters turn to a phenomenon the existence of which they are certain but cannot fully explain. This is “resonance” (ganying ), thought of as a kind of sympathetic vibration in the force field of qi that pervades the cosmos.

De samenvatting van hoofdstuk 21 is de volgende:

“Surveying Obscurities” provides the means by which to discuss Utmost Essence penetrating the Nine Heavens, Utmost Subtlety sinking into the Formless, Unblemished Purity entering Utmost Clarity, and Luminous Brightness penetrating Dark Obscurity.
It begins by grasping things and deducing their categories, observing them, taking hold of them, lifting them up, and arranging them, and pervasively positing them as categories of similarity, by which things can be understood as ideas and visualized as forms. It then
penetrates various obstructions, bursts open various blockages, to guide your awareness, to connect it to the Limitless. [It] then thereby illuminates the stimuli of the various categories of things, the responses of identical qi, the unions of yin and yang, and the intricacies of forms and shapes. It is what leads you to observe and discern in a far-reaching and expansive way.

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partiele vertaling: Charles le Blanc 1985
vertaling en woordanalyse: TLS-Thesaurus Linguae Sericae


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