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Hoofdstuk 7. 精神 Jingshen - Quintessential Spirit - Des esprits essentiels

Onderwerp van dit hoofdstuk

Ren (仁) - Mensheid. The origins and nature of human consciousness and physiology, principles of self-cultivation, and characteristics of the sage.

Korte beschrijving hoofdstuk

Uit de inleiding Major 2010: Quintessential spirit” is the first chapter of the Huainanzi to introduce human beings systematically into the grand scheme of things. The text continues its methodical explication of the underlying powers, patterns, and forces of the cosmos and its creatures before turning, in the later chapters of the work, to illustrations and amplifications of the workings of the Way in the world of affairs. Chapters 1 and 2 introduced cosmology and ontology; chapters 3 through 5 explored the various dimensions of Heaven, Earth, and Time; and chapter 6 explained the mysterious operations of ganying resonance by which things in the world interact through stimuli and responses. In chapter 7, the authors now turn their attention to human beings, the third leg of the early Chinese conceptual tripod of Heaven, Earth, and Man.

De samenvatting van hoofdstuk 21 is de volgende:

“Quintessential Spirit” provides the means by which to
trace to the source the root from which human life arises and understand what animates humans’ form, frame, and nine orifices.
Taking its images from Heaven, it coordinates and identifies humans’ blood and qi with thunder and lightning, wind and rain; correlates and categorizes humans’ happiness and anger with dawn and dusk, cold and heat. Judging the distinctions between life and death, distinguishing the traces of identity and difference, regulating the workings of movement and stillness, it thereby returns to the Ancestor of nature and destiny. It is what enables you to cherish and nourish the essence and spirit, pacify and still the ethereal and earthly souls, not change the self on account of things, and fortify and preserve the abode of Emptiness and Nothingness.

Literatuur bij dit hoofdstuk

partiele vertaling: Larre 1993, Larre 1982 (Frans)