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Hoofdstuk 8. 本經 Benjing - The Basic Warp - De la chaïne originelle

Onderwerp van dit hoofdstuk

Renyi (仁義) - Moraliteit. The distinguishing principles of sagely virtue, the authority of the ancient Five Emperors and Three Kings.

Korte beschrijving hoofdstuk

Uit de inleiding Major 2010: "The Basic Warp” uses several different but generally complementary descriptions of an imagined historical past to raise questions about the nature of sage rulership and to criticize government in the present era. In all these scenarios, an archaic era of agrarian primitivism is idealized as a time when sages, embodying the Way and its Potency, could govern almost invisibly by means of non-action. Both the human and the natural worlds responded resonantly to the sages’ superior qualities. Qualities like Humaneness and Music were intrinsic to the sage and were not (as they later became) mere expedients to control the populace in times that departed ever more profoundly from the Way. But inevitably the world began to devolve from the archaic ideal. People perceived deficiencies in their lives and increasingly took steps to satisfy their desires. The more they did so, the more the situation degenerated from primordial simplicity and unity. Thus we find ourselves in an era of discord and turmoil. What is to be done?

De samenvatting van hoofdstuk 21 is de volgende:

“The Basic Warp” provides the means by which to illuminate the Potency of the great sages and penetrate the Way of the Unique Inception.
Delineating and summarizing the devolution of decadent eras from past to present, it thereby praises the flourishing prosperity of earlier ages and criticizes the corrupt governments of later ages. It is what enables you to dispense with the acuity and keenness of hearing and sight, still the responses and movements of the essence and spirit, restrain effusive and ephemeral viewpoints, temper the harmony of nourishing your nature, distinguish the conduct of [the Five] Thearchs and [Three] Kings, and set out the differences between small and great.